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Windward Ho!

July 11th, 2015 by


The sailing term “Windward Ho!” means to turn the boat towards the wind, or to ride ‘close to the wind.’ This is what the boat is doing when you see it ‘heeled over’ on its side, with all the people on the other side leaning out to keep it from tipping. Traveling close to the wind, or windward, is one way to get a lot of speed, and the boat’s design determines how close into the wind it can point and still keep moving forward.

Well, Captain Jim and I have put a lot of care and effort into the design of this ‘fundraising vessel’ (this website and our social media). We know it floats, and now we’re about to find out if it can sail into the high seas! Smile.

So, here we go! Now that Jim has found the perfect boat, we need to raise the money to buy it ( $395,000 ), outfit it for the expedition and for Jim to take time away from work to focus on The Magellan Project. All we need is 700,000 people to donate $1!

Contributors get your name on our Wall of Appreciation in the Ship’s Library, and Project Updates in your email inbox (if you want, of course). Once we get a bit more speed, we’ll make more rewards.

There are lots of ways to JOIN THE ADVENTURE. We need Educators, Researchers, Sailors, History Buffs, and Ultimate Reality TV fans, to name but a few. There’s something for everyone – young and old alike – in nearly every country. So please spread the word and get involved. Welcome Aboard!