Ship’s Library

Ship's Library

This is your library of everything Magellan and The Magellan Project. Get out your compass and navigate through this fascinating world.

Special Appreciation for our Home Crew and Contributors

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Magellan's World

Magellan lived in The Age of Exploration, a time we now call The Renaissance. He was a contemporary of Michelangelo, Copernicus, and Cortez. Consider and discuss the way of life and motivations of people in Magellan’s time.

Ports o' Call

Ports of call along the way will include the Canary Islands, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Port San Julian in Argentina, Guam in the US Territory, Mactan Island and Cebu City in the Philippines, Brunei, Tidore and Ternate of the Spice Islands in Indonesia, Saldanha Bay just north of Cape Town in South Africa, the Cape Verde Islands, and Sanlucar de Barrameda in Spain.


By encouraging research into the non-European perspective on this period of history, a broader knowledge of world history will be gained.

The Project Sailing Vessel

The plan is to have a Cherubini 48 built for the project by Cherubini Yachts (see their .com site). Cherubini Yachts have a great history going back generations. A distant relative, Luigi Cherubini, was a composer and contemporary of Beethoven (who considered Luigi to be a master of composition, a compliment worthy of note).