How Do I Participate in This Circumnavigation Adventure?

The Magellan Project will retrace the circumnavigation route, on a modern boat with world-class blue water sailors and modern navigation and communication equipment. The crew welcomes scientists, journalists, sailors, global adventurers and conservationists to participate in the adventure.

Our circumnavigation will be based upon Tim Joyner’s historical text “Magellan.” Our goal is to depart from ports on the same dates. With a modern vessel we will be arriving at destinations much more quickly, so the time gained will be spent in port providing community outreach. We will plan events in ports that promote the expedition’s goals of education, ocean conservation and research. When the calendar catches up, the expedition will sail to the next port of call.

You can donate to The Magellan Project
You can sail with us on one of the legs of our journey

You can meet us in our ports of call

A project dedicated to increasing public awareness and knowledge about the impact of the first documented circumnavigation of the world 500 years ago.

Media & Press

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We are looking for sponsors to share the many benefits of this adventure. Contact us about your participation.


Contact us to find out how we can partner to share the journey with your classroom. Standards-based language arts, history, mathematics, and social studies instructional content is being developed.