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We Found The Boat!

September 26th, 2016 by

The one and only vessel of the Magellan expedition to return to the port of origin was the Victoria. The Magellan Project is purchasing the Cherubini 48 of the same name. This schooner rigged vessel will serve as the project expedition flagship and educational platform. We welcome support and sponsorship for The Magellan Project at every level for our program to launch the retracing in September of 2017. Donations to The Magellan Project are tax deductible in the USA.

VICTORIA The Perfect Vessel for the Expedition

July 11th, 2015 by

Captain Jim found the perfect sailing vessel in the “Victoria.” Victoria is also the name of the only ship from Magellan’s fleet that made the entire trip around the world. Finding this vessel seems like a good omen ( and you know how superstitious sailors are! ), so we are full speed ahead to raise money for the ship ( $395,000 ), the refitting and the time off of work for Captain Jim to focus on this project.

From the sales page…

Her classic clipper bow, beautiful sheer and staysail schooner rig make this one special boat. VICTORIA is the original Cherubini 48 staysail schooner, well maintained and and thoughtfully upgraded over the years. Here is a chance to own a beautifully-built, sea-going vessel with timeless beauty and modern amenities at a fraction of her replacement cost.

Cherubini schooners have earned a reputation of being comfortable, fast, truly sea-going cruisers. This passage from the builder’s website best explains why….

Perhaps least obvious but most important, the Cherubini hull form (narrow, slack bilges, long keel) means a more comfortable boat at sea. Carl Adler’s Sail Calculator website computes that the Cherubini 48 has a “Motion Comfort” index of 41. A well known contemporary boat of similar size has an index of 26. These numbers mean that the Cherubini 48 has slower rolling and pitching motions; the hull slices the water instead of pounding it. Moreover, the cabin sole is well under the water line and bunks are near the water line, where boat motion is the least. Sailors who have ventured to sea in a modern, wide, shallow hulled boat will sense the difference immediately. Voyagers on the Cherubini 48 will arrive at their destination not only quickly but comfortably. The Cherubini 48 design is optimized to function as a real sail boat at sea, not as a house at the marina.