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Join the discussion

Scholars, history buffs, sailors, scientists and educators can all get together in the Ship’s Library to discuss the past, present and future of Magellan’s journey and its impact on our world.


This is a multimillion dollar project (see the budget below), and we are just getting started. We are looking for corporate sponsors and will be creating a Kickstarter campaign in the near future. We need your help to make this happen.

As part of the startup team, you will not only have a special place in our hearts, you will get special recognition in the Ship’s Library.


There will be an increasing need for volunteers as the project develops. Right now we are looking for the following:

  • Well-researched, scholarly articles to add to the library
  • An enthusiastic Facebook page manager
  • Digital artist to create original artwork for the website and social media

If you want to become part of the team, Contact Us and tell us a little about yourself.

Project Development

We’ve divided the project development into four major phases and we are currently in Phase I.

Phase I – Startup

Your donations will be used 100% on the following items.

  • Completion of legal Non-Profit status
  • Original artwork and graphic design (unless we find a volunteer)
  • Production of Crowdfunding Campaign (Kickstarter, probably)
  • Project Management for two years

Phase II – Outfitting of the “Victoria”

The “Victoria” is the ship that will make the 3-year journey. It is a custom-built Cherubini 48, she can accommodate a crew of 6 and is to be outfitted with all the necessary electronic equipment that will keep them in touch and on course.

Phase III – Three-Year Expedition

The expedition will follow the route described in Tim Joyner’s book “Magellan.”

Phase IV – Production and Celebration

The plan is to return and finish the project documentary in midst of the 500 Year Anniversary period of 2019-2022.


There are actually three types of outreach planned for this project each needing management and production crews.

Public Outreach

Ongoing, documentary production and the 500-Year Anniversary Celebration.

Port O’ Call Outreach

Project coordinators at each port of call to set up arrival and departure festivities as well as research and educational opportunities.

Educational Platform Development

We’ll need IT and curation professionals to make every bit of information gathered on this voyage available to students,teachers, scholars and researchers for the long-term.

Project Budget

PhaseEstimated CostFunded
Startup & Project Management750,000$11,850.00
Documentary and educational programs965,0000%
3-Year Expedition3,825,0000%